The most expensive smartphone model yet from Apple, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has come under some serious scrutiny after numerous users have reported problems. Known for its creativity, this flagship product was greeted with great enthusiasm during its release last month. However, users have declared the handset overheats, seems fragile, and experiences speaker complications.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max, priced at £1,599 ($1599 in the U.S.), has drawn a great deal of attention, particularly due to issues that have emerged after launch. Among such problems is a consistently reported speaker issue, where the device vibrates excessively at high volume levels.

A rather frustrated customer has narratively told of how he is currently utilizing his third replacement iPhone 15 Pro Max. He brought up the fact that his device appears to be having audio issues akin to water being inside of it when playing audios or videos at levels of 80% volume and above.

This particular issue has been echoed by other users, notably Apple fans who have labeled the iPhone model as not being sufficiently sturdy. This deduction arose from an individual who conducted a 'resilience test' and found the phone's rear glass to shatter right in their open hand upon exerting bending force, thus, raising more questions about the device's durability.

Several users have highlighted overheating issues as well where the device would heat up to temperatures in excess of 100F (38C). Experts have ascribed these phenomena to possible 'trade-offs' in the design stages. There have also been some reports about dust in the components and changes in the metal's color.

The rattle and crackling noise of the speaker at high volume has created concern among several device users. One of them, a technology enthusiast dubbed 'MilesAboveTech', had his unit replaced due to a 'metallic sounding top speaker', made worse in the replacement unit. Moreover, he declared that the subsequent replacement was not free of sound issues either.

Users have had differing experiences with the issue, with some noticing the audio glitch more frequently during phone calls on loudspeaker than while playing media content. However, despite it all, many consumers are still pleased with the functionality of the device as a whole.