Smartphones equipped with folding display technology are rapidly gaining acceptance. Explore the best-shaped currently on the market. CBS Essentials is formed independently by the CBS News editorial squad. We might receive rewards from specific product links on this site. Offers are contingent on product availability and retailer conditions.

Devices with foldable screens, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, have gained significant attention recently, and for a valid reason. These gadgets can be folded for uncomplicated and practical transportation. However, when they are unfolded, they provide large, colorful, and appealing touchscreen presentations with a more extensive on-screen area than a standard non-foldable gadget.

Namely, With foldable smartphones, you acquire uncomplicated access to more data and extra modes to connect with your handheld gadget. Moreover, for convenience's sake, state-of-the-art folding smartphones incorporate three screens — an external one on the handset that can be accessed when the phone is folded, and two inner screens that unfold to yield a broader display area.

Despite the fact that Apple has yet to embrace folding display technology with a folding iPhone model, if you fancy Android-based smartphones, you currently have several noteworthy foldable smartphone variants from Google, Samsung, and Motorola.

Our selection for the praiseworthy folding smartphone of 2023 is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. High-grade folding smartphones for autumn 2023. If you're searching for an incredibly compact phone that can practically fit in a pocket, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or Motorola Razr+ are both brimming with features as foldable smartphones.

For business individuals or anyone seeking an extra-large display at hand, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 or Google Pixel Fold would be ideal choices. The inside display of these phones can be employed to provide an ample amount of on-screen room to fully exploit a single application, or you have the option to multitask and display two applications simultaneously. Let's inspect the newest smartphones fitted with folding displays more meticulously.