According to the latest findings from Counterpoint Research, Huawei's independently developed operating system, HarmonyOS, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the Chinese smartphone market.

The data reveals that HarmonyOS has now eclipsed Apple's iOS, positioning itself as the second most preferred mobile operating system in China, with only Android remaining ahead.

This pivotal development signals a major transformation within the Chinese smartphone sector, hinting at shifting consumer preferences and the potential emergence of new market leaders.

The ascendancy of HarmonyOS over iOS not only underscores Huawei's robust technological capabilities but also reflects the national pride and support for local brands among Chinese consumers.

This milestone is particularly noteworthy given the intense competition and significant barriers to entry in the global smartphone operating system market.

The rise of HarmonyOS is expected to further intensify the rivalry among operating systems, potentially leading to increased innovation and diversity within the industry.

As HarmonyOS continues to grow in popularity and usage within China, it may well set the stage for Huawei to expand its influence and competitive edge on a global scale.